If you want to experience an instantaneous enantiodromia you need only get up from the table where you’ve spent an entire morning working through an enigmatic problem and go jump into the icy waters of Georgian Bay. There is an instantaneous switch from mind to body. The result can be amazing. The shock to the body resolves the enigma of the mind. Things which were more and more opaque at the table are suddenly crystal clear, as clear as the crystal waters of Georgia Bay. Why does this occur? Jumping into the water releases the instincts: they swiftly rise to the surface to become the body’s light. For the intuitive the question in the mind can often be answered by the instincts. To plunge into cold water after the heat of reflection is putting the question into the realm of the instincts, where it ceases to be rigid and begins to flow, as if in the depths of the waters of the unconscious the answer resides.
-Marion Woodman


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  1. morganeliz

    Oh Lordy, she’s good.

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