She, Marion Woodman, has become my newest kick. Her book, Addicted to Perfection, has resonated with deep bodily nods. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

I’ve, truly, never felt so understood by a book before. A mother and friend.

And she’s so cute.

Plus, she’s a firm believer/educator of the body as an integral part for healing. She’s created curricula for this process. I do hope to go to a workshop someday.


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    Whale. What a magnificent woman and human being. Thanks for sharing this. So much to chew on, especially left with the idea of feminine energy being slow (dense)- the mind racing so far ahead from the body and feeling yet where that brings/ has brought us (let’s talk about this:). Lindsey mentioned you mentioned this book. Oh my if it is anything like this interview. And to know someone on the planet said these things in 1997. Where are these people? Guess it’s above any construct or formula- you can be a shaman, hindu, buddhist, wikken, Christian and see life this way… no easy way to get people to the same conference. Yet. Boo.

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