Who me?

here’s my (hopefully) ever-evolving portfolio:


Painting, pianos, peanut butter are three elements of vitality for my life–all of which give me a means for tactile expressions of my innards, my Being…

trying out intimacy and amore with a boy I wholly love..and wholly, holy, holy shit married to!

Restless about Art Theory and Crit, art as a conduit for change, tracing creativity in humanity, especially when boredom (i.e. evil?) is the undercurrent, having vision for rejected objects and doing something about it…

and lastly restless about not “disowning parts of ourselves for the sake of normalcy,” whether that’s within creativity or an emotion or difference.

I attended Mars Hill Grad School and recently graduated with a degree in psychology. Now, the practice of therapy is another aspect in exploring the aforementioned de’tails, yet in relationship with other people. These minglings are amidst the lulling charms of Seattle wherefore I spend much time with a group of people called AWAKE as we nestle and respond to the people on highway 99.

ps I hate exclamation points. always have always will! societal norms force me to use them though!

3 responses to “Who me?

  1. Abbie

    Hi Heather,

    I follow Joshua Longbrake’s blog and came across the photos he posted of your wedding a few months ago. The few pictures I saw of the wedding were beautiful, and I absolutely loved your wedding dress. I am (recently) engaged and am curious about where you purchased your dress or if it was custom made. Any details you can send my way would be fantastic.

    Thank you,

  2. Abbie,
    Congrats on the engagement! Oh my…that time is both ridiculously fun and chaotic, I hope you’re more organized than me…wink…so my dress story is kind of ironic because i searched a lot of Seattle’s finest boutiques and magic did not happen until i went to Poulsbo, WA. this town is a small, low profile place where my mom and mother-in-law were cruising about and found this ghastly, tacky shop filled with what seemed like Claire’s Boutique gone wedding dress…i mean it was bad, but they searched around and picked out a few and dragged me over to see them…and magic happened. Needless to say, the dress is a no name kind of dress, BUT if you look up American Rose in Poulsbo, WA and ask for Heather Smith’s wedding dress, I’m certain they will have the info…I hope this helps..email me if you need to at heathermariesmith@gmail.com…ciao.

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